Youth Employability Profiling

Employability profiling is the process of identifying a set of characteristics that make a person employable including technical competence, natural knowledge/common sense attitudes and behavior. All these factions help an employer to make the decision to recruit someone because it avails them a holistic profile on whether someone has the required technical and non technical competences.

For young people entering the job market, such profiling is critical to identify their potential especially since they have no previous work experience. A combination of methods will be used to undertake this profiling ranging from aptitude testing, which will look at the capacity of the youth to make logical and observant decisions; behavioral analysis which will look at the character traits of the youth. These will be combined with a review of the interns’ academic performance, and areas of special interest.

Employability profiling is conducted periodically and consists of 4 aptitude tests and 1 psychometric test. Tests are conducted at the Oakwood training venue for no more than 2 hours. Should bring a valid photograph, identity card and calculator. Results from the tests are shared on email no more than 3 weeks after testing.

For more details on how to pay, please go to our Payment page: (include fees for first time profiling Ugx 47,500 for Oakwood members, Annual fee for Oakwood members Ugx 50,000: 1st time profiling for non -members Ugx. 100,000, Annual Ugx 50,000)