Terms of Service for Interns Program Applicants



The Oakwood Interns’ Program: A platform through which youth in Uganda can acquire suitable employment/internship placements.

The Placement: For interns and graduate trainees, this is work experience and is not represented by an employment contract but by an agreement/ appointment letter signed by the Applicant.

Host Company: the Company in which the applicant is placed for employment/internship.

The Placement offer: This means an offer of employment/internship with a business or other legal entity for a designated period of time. All placements are based on the principles of merit and non discrimination, and are based on availability.

The Applicant: Persons that applied for membership to the Program.
The Program: means the service package of Oakwood Interns’ Program.

Membership Fee: The amount of money payable by the applicant to participate in the Oakwood Interns’ Program foundation training on Work Ethics and Professionalism and the preliminary employability profiling in the form of aptitude and psychometric tests.

2. Membership to the Program
2.1 The Applicant is required to accurately fill out the Oakwood Interns’ Program CV form.

2.2 The Applicant is required to pay a one-time Membership Fee of UGX 100,000/= to participate in the Oakwood Interns’ Program foundation training on Work Ethics and Professionalism. The Oakwood Interns’ Program cannot commence the placement process until this Membership Fee is received and the same is non refundable at all times.

2.3 Upon registration, the Applicant hereby reads and agrees to Oakwood Intern’s Program Terms & Conditions. The Applicant expressly agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2.4 The Applicant must provide – scanned copies of all original academic qualifications.

2.5 The Applicant must provide a scanned current passport size photo.

2.6 The Applicant agrees to provide the necessary information as well as information that may affect the smooth running of the placement. The Oakwood Interns’ Program reserves the right to refuse an application if the Applicant fails to provide information within the acceptable timescale or has a criminal conviction for a serious offence or anything that in The Oakwood Interns’ Program opinion makes the Applicant unsuitable for the chosen placement.

2.7 To be eligible for the Program, the Applicant must be 18 to 35 years of age.

2.8 The Applicant, for the duration of its membership to the program is required to take part in all program publicity and monitoring and evaluation initiatives.

2.9 The program maintains the right to change the requirements for membership, but will do so in writing as and when deemed necessary.

3. A Placement offer

3.1 A ‘ Placement offer’ means an offer of employment/internship with a business or other legal entity for a designated period of time;

3.2 Once the placement corresponding to the client profile and to its expectations has been found, the Applicant cannot refuse to do the interview with the host company except for valid reasons clearly explained to The Oakwood Interns’ Program. If the reasons are acceptable, the refusal will result in a search for a new host company and another interview.

3.3 If after the interview, the host company accepts the applicant, the Applicant cannot refuse to take up the placement, except for valid reasons clearly explained to The Oakwood Interns’ Program. If the reasons are acceptable, the refusal will result in a search for a new host company and another interview.

3.4 The Oakwood Interns’ Program can provide up to a maximum of 3 placement offers in case of failure of an interview with a host company. Offers are subject to availability.

3.5 After three refusals by the Applicant, the Applicant will not be placed and may have to pay another deposit for identified soft skills trainings in order to bridge the identified employability gaps.

3.6 The Placement does not automatically constitute an Employment Agreement or any offer of employment with either The Oakwood Interns’ Program, or the Host Company.

3.7 The Oakwood Interns’ Program does not guarantee the location or business for any Placement Offer. However locations are within Uganda. Where placements are regional or international, Oakwood members will be informed very clearly in the vacancy adverts

3.8 The search for a suitable placement according to your requirements will be carried out up to three times. When there is no match after communication between the applicant and three companies, no further placement procedure will be carried out.

3.9 A placement agreement between the Applicant and The Oakwood Interns’ Program is to be set up after the confirmation by the applicant of participation in the program through payment of membership fees, and acceptance by The Oakwood Interns’ Program of their participation.

3.10 If the applicant uses the provided contact details of potential placement companies for his/her own benefit; for instance by making an appointment about or with a Host company without notification of the Oakwood Interns, the same will be deemed a breach of contract and creates liability against the applicant The Applicant is not allowed to enter into any direct placement agreement with the host company. The Oakwood Interns’ Program has the right to pass on the costs of completed placement mediation and any caused damage to our image/reputation to the Applicant.

3.11 The Oakwood Interns’ Program cannot guarantee any placement within a certain timeframe. External factors (such as availability of vacancies, internal company employment processes) prohibit us from being able to guarantee a specific date or timeframe. As such, you agree that we will not be held liable for any inconvenience or loss of income arising from a delayed matching or placement process. You acknowledge that any expected timeframe for placement given by us is indicative only and not binding.

3.12 If the Applicant acts contrary to professional standards as set by Host Company, The Oakwood Interns Program reserves the right to nullify its placement.

3.13 If the Applicant rejects suggested placements more than once, then the Applicant will only be considered for placements that he/she applies for directly as advertised on the Oakwood Interns’ Program social media platforms and website.

3.14 If an Applicant fails to show up for a set appointment with a Client, having failed to inform Oakwood in sufficient time for the appointment to be rescheduled, the opportunity for employment with the Client will be lost to the Applicant and the Applicant will then only be considered for placements that he/she applies for directly to Oakwood as advertised on the Oakwood Interns’ Program social media platforms and website.
4. Change of Host Company and Placement start/end date
4.1 Requests for a change of Host Company by the Applicant will only be considered when the Applicant has arrived and commenced their placement; BUT if one of the following circumstances occurs:

a) Sexual harassment or discrimination against the Applicant

b) Racial or religious vilification against the Applicant

c) Breach of Occupational Health and Safety regulations affecting the Applicant

d) Bankruptcy, closure of the Host company before or at arrival of the Applicant

4.2 Requests by the Applicant to postpone the start date of their placement will only be granted if the Host Company agrees to the postponement.

4.3 The Applicant agrees to notify The Oakwood Interns’ Program immediately if the placement ends prior to the agreed date on the signed Placement offer.

a) Shall fill all forms accurately and truthfully as required by the program.

b) Shall pay all fees required before commencement of trainings.

c) Shall provide certified copies of all documentation requested for by the program.

d) Shall conduct themselves in a civil and dignified manner when relating with all program stakeholders including; fellow Applicants, trainers, employers and program management.

e) Shall not engage in fraudulent and/or criminal activities of any kind.

f) Shall ensure availability for a placement once training is completed.

g) Shall report to all placements in a timely manner. In case of inability to accept the said placement, the Applicant shall inform program management within ten (10) working days before the agreed commencement date of the placement.

h) The Applicant will share a copy of the appointment letter with the Oakwood Interns’ Program to facilitate Oakwood evaluation processes and guide any future placement.

i) Shall take part in all program activities when called upon to do so for the duration of the Applicants’ membership to the program and shall promote program publicity at all times.

j) Shall endeavour to implement and exhibit the lessons learnt from the Oakwood Foundation training on Work Ethics and Professionalism while attending program activities and while at area of placement. The activities mentioned herein include; trainings, placements, workshops, and any other activity the program management sees fit to include the Applicant in.

k) Shall fill out necessary report(s) based on the program format(s) during and at the end of each placement as required. The report shall be signed by the necessary persons i.e. Applicants’ assigned mentor(s) for the duration of the internship/traineeship/ employment as advised

l) Shall adhere to the guidance, principles and practices of the Host Company for the duration of the placement.

m) Interns and trainees shall work for a maximum 40 hours a week.

6. The Applicant agrees that;

a) An Internship is educational in nature and there is no guarantee or expectation that an internship placement will result in permanent employment.

b) The Host Company will maintain a regular placement schedule determined by the Applicant and their supervisor.

c) The Applicant will demonstrate to the Host company honesty, punctuality, courtesy, cooperative attitude, proper health and grooming habits, appropriate dress code and a willingness to learn.

d) The Applicant will obey the policies, rules and regulations of the Host Company and comply with the host company’s business practices and procedures.

e) The Applicant will furnish his/her supervisor with all necessary information pertaining to his or her placement, including related assignments and reports.

f) Under no circumstances will the Applicant leave the placement without first conferring with his/her supervisor at the host company and must contact The Oakwood Interns’ Program so that a solution may be found.

g) Should the Applicant experience any problems whilst partaking in the placement, the Applicant must immediately inform The Oakwood Interns’ Program in writing by email or letter, with a clear explanation of the problem. In such an event, The Oakwood Interns’ Program will discuss the problem and ways in which it can be solved with the Applicant. Only what is recorded in a written form either by email or by letter will be taken into account.

h) If the Applicant is not satisfied with the placement for a valid and justified reason (see section 4.1), Oakwood Interns Program agrees to find another placement that meets the expectations of the Applicant (depending on the availability of Host Companies).

i) In case the Applicant decides to terminate the placement by himself, or if the host company decides to terminate the placement of the Applicant due to inappropriate behaviour (verbal or physical abusive behaviour, racist behaviour, drug-taking, alcohol, misconduct, insubordination, behaviour deemed unacceptable by the tutor or managers amongst others), The Oakwood Interns’ Program reserves the right not place the Applicant in another Host company.

j) The Applicant is fully responsible for his/her acts throughout the Placement. He/she is liable for any loss or damage, resulting from his/her acts. The Applicant agrees to indemnify The Oakwood Interns’ Program, the Host company, or any other party that may suffer loss or damage due to the Applicant’s conduct.

k) The Oakwood Interns’ Program, its staff and its partners cannot be held responsible for any death, injury, accident, theft, damage, disease, loss, cost or any risk that may be incurred during an internship provided by The Oakwood Interns’ Program or a partner of The Oakwood Interns’ Program.

l) The Applicant assumes all of the risks of participating in the placement program. In consideration of the opportunity afforded to the Applicant to participate in the placement, the Applicant hereby agrees that he/she, his/her assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives, will not make a claim against Host company or any of its affiliated organizations, or either of their officers or directors collectively or individually, or any of its employees, for the injury of death to Applicant or damage to his/her property, however caused, arising from his/her participation in the placement except where the cause is as a result of the negligence of the Host Company, its employees or agents.
m) The maximum liability of The Oakwood Interns under any circumstance is limited to the amount of the deposit paid by the Applicant.

7. The Host company
7.1 The Host Company is the sole decision-maker regarding the choice of applicants for the placement.

7.2 The Oakwood Interns’ Program cannot guarantee remuneration for the placement by host companies. However the host company must comply with the Labour laws applicable and all terms under any agreements entered with the Applicant.

7.3 The Applicant must comply with the code of conduct of the Host Company. (Punctuality, respect for the corporate culture, adherence to the company policies, which may be set out in a staff handbook or verbally communicated)

7.4 If the Applicant accepts the offer made by the Host Company, the Applicant is under the total responsibility of the host company from the beginning of the placement. Any negotiations concerning schedules, bonuses, holidays take place between the Applicant and the Host Company.

Breach of any one of the above Terms and Conditions shall be grounds for termination of membership to the program.

The Applicant agrees not to disclose any information in relation to The Oakwood Interns’ Program and The Oakwood Interns’ partners to its competitors, schools, institutions or other any other third party without the consent of The Oakwood Interns’ Program.


No breach of or variation of any provision of this Agreement shall be waived except with the express written consent of both parties.

Neither party may without the prior written consent of the other, assign, transfer, charge, license or otherwise deal in or dispose of any contractual rights or obligations under this Agreement.


Neither party shall be in breach of their contractual obligations nor shall either incur any liability to the other if they are unable to comply with their obligations herein as a result of any cause beyond their reasonable control. In the event of any such occurrence affecting one of the parties, the affected party shall be obliged as soon as reasonably practicable to notify the other, who shall have the option of suspending or terminating the operation of the services contract on notice taking effect immediately on delivery.


Disputes arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or its subject matter will at first instance be resolved amicably by the Parties in person or through their legal representatives by negotiation or mediation. In the event the dispute cannot be resolved amicably within 30 (thirty) days from the date of commencement of the negotiation or mediation, the aggrieved party shall be entitled to refer the matter a Court of Competent Jurisdiction.