Talent Identification & Management

Employability profiling is the process of identifying a set of characteristics that make a person employable including technical competence, natural knowledge/common sense attitudes and their personality/ behavior.

At Oakwood we are dedicated to reducing Employers anxiety of working with new recruits.  All our member applicants are engaged in a 360 degree profiling which makes an assessment of their natural aptitude, psychometric / behavioural temperament and validation and review of their academic training. In this way the program is able to provide Employers with a holistic and comprehensive report of the employees’ behavioural and technical competence.

Similarly we seek to reduce anxiety of our young professionals when entering the job market. For young people entering the job market, such profiling is critical to identify their potential especially since they have no previous work experience. This helps to provide a more scientific indication of the value that they can add to the work place since it helps us to establish and highlight our applicants’ skills, talents or potential that may not be revealed by the academic documents provided or even the Curriculum Vitae.

The profiling is conducted by a team of Oakwood Organization Psychologists and the tests have been customised to suit and assess student interns, graduate trainees and employees respectively. A combination of methods will be used to undertake this profiling ranging from aptitude testing, which will look at the capacity of the youth to make logical and observant decisions; behavioral analysis which will look at the character traits of the youth. These will be combined with a review of the interns’ academic performance, and areas of special interest.

In addition to the above, the Oakwood team also carries out background and reference checks on all applicants to ensure that they are suitable for the placements for which they are being considered.

The profiling is conducted at a subsidized cost and profiled applicants are required to contribute 47,500 UG SHS out of the 247,500 UG SHS. The participants are required to pay this small fee as an expression of commitment and ownership to the process.

Employability profiling is conducted periodically and consists of 4 aptitude tests and 1 psychometric test. Tests are conducted at the Oakwood training venue for no more than 2 hours. Should bring a valid photograph, identity card and calculator. Results from the tests are shared on email no more than 3 weeks after testing.

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Employability profiling is one of the avenues used for Talent Identification and management

Talent identification and management is a set of integrated organizational Human Resources processes designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain the most talented, productive and engaged employees available on the job market. The goal of Talent Management is to create a high performance, sustainable Organization that meets its strategic and operational goals and objectives.

Under the program, all interns with outstanding academic performance, aptitude tests and desirable behavioral traits will be identified and nurtured to make the most of their capabilities as they enter the job market.