Professional Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship Training

Our members are also be afforded an opportunity to acquire professional soft skills that will help transform them into outstanding employees and develop careers projected towards their dream jobs.

Soft skills trainings would be provided at discounted prices in a wide range of areas as detailed for example in the areas of effective communication in the workplace, effective reporting and documents to support decision making, how to successfully use Microsoft Office effectively in the workplace, how to confidently prepare for and navigate a job interview, negotiation and team building in the workplace etc.

Oakwood also provides a Foundation training on Work Ethics and Professionalism that was developed specifically to equip young professionals with relevant skills and tips on how to become outstanding in the work place. It is intended to align the students’ mindset to the expectations of the employer and ensure that they conduct themselves professionally, and specifically targets members who seek to understand a professional work place and how that can effectively conduct themselves. For purposes of quality assurance all our members applying to for placement in temporary positions are required to complete this foundation in order to facilitate their smooth and quick transition into any corporate/ professional working environment. It serves as a preliminary induction of the interns into the work environment.

Our professional soft skills trainings are life skills that are important for one to build and sustain a successful professional career and can be described as the key behaviors, actions and thinking processes necessary for one to craft a career that is rewarding and meaningful. Such training builds the capabilities of the intern to be productive and engaged at the work place and gives them high chances to be retained by the employer. This is because the soft skills enhance the willingness and capacities of the interns to not only integrate successfully into the new work environment, but also to learn from their supervisors how to apply their theoretical knowledge from school.

Entrepreneurship training; This is one of the modules that interns will be trained in, involving a Step by step guide on how to starting your business. It helps to develop entrepreneurial skills that will enable the interns to create jobs and get self-employed. One of the aspects is to be able to develop a business plan which covers all the important aspects to be considered before starting a business such as marketing, input resourcing and financial planning. This entrepreneurship training provides an alternative to interns who may not get into formal employment / those who may be passionate about starting their own businesses and as such opt for self-employment. Oakwood follows the tried and tested International Labor Organization (ILO) SYB – Start Your Business training module.

Note: During each of the trainings, a trainer: trainee ratio of 1: 35 will be maintained for quality assurance.