HR Technical Services

The Oakwood Interns’ Program is available to provide a complete range of technical services to Employers as an outsourced Human Resource Department. For our partnering firms/institutions that do not have an HR department, Oakwood can provide human resource management services as and when required on a part-time contractual basis without the hassle or additional costs of setting up a full time HR department.

It can also provide support HR services to companies with an HR department during peak periods.

Some of the outsourced services we provide include

  • Development/revision of HRM policy documents
  • Development of HRM strategies for example Graduate Trainee program, talent management strategy, development of staff performance contracts
  • Development & provision of HR skills training to enhance staff productivity & welfare.
  • Payroll management & development of pay roll revision & strategy.
  • Talent development & management.
  • HR support consultancy e.g succession planning.
  • Recruitment and dismissal
  • Staff performance management and supervision.

Oakwood Interns Program specializes in the conduct of Human Resource technical/consultancy services specifically targeting the effective use of young company employees (below 35 years) for example on team building, development of HR policies, on use of interns and trainees, how to supervise youth employees, how to motivate young employees etc.