How to Pay

Below is a summary of the employability profiling and professional soft skills trainings as detailed in the training schedule below. These fees are paid to cater for the training / profiling venue, training materials, trainer fees/ profiling tests and trainee refreshments i.e. water/ tea/ coffee (for full day trainings).

For further inquiries on payments please email 

*Members constitute those who have submitted a full application using the Oakwood CV format and submitted all required support documents. 

Training Fees:
The members will have available to them various professional soft skills trainings as detailed in the training schedule shared ahead of each training.

How to Pay

Payments are through the bank and Mobile Money.

All profiling fees can be paid through the bank on;


Account Number: 9030011072193

Stanbic Bank – Nakasero Branch

Specify the reason as ‘Employability profiling for (full names)

Full names for person paid in.


 You can also pay using The Oakwood MTN Mobile Money Account as detailed below;

A registered user should go to MTN Menu, select Mobile Money, select Pay Bill, select Goods & Services on their phone, then follow the prompts: Code (OAKWOOD)

Amount (amount of money customer wishes to send)

Reference (Reason for payment e.g Employability profiling)

Reason –your name in full as it appears on the CV form

Enter MM PIN

You will receive an SMS notification confirming payment.

NOTE: to confirm payment to Oakwood, please share a scanned copy of bank pay in slip/transaction ID for mobile money to email (insert email)